The Seventh International Symposium on Wireless Communication Systems

York, The University of York, United Kingdom, 19th-22nd September, 2010

Maziar Nekovee

Cognitive Radio Access to TV White Spaces: Spectrum Opportunities, Remaining Technology Challenges and Applications.

Dr. Maziar Nekovee
BT Research

The tutorial will draw on very recent research (both our own at BT) and others in this emerging area, as well as our recently published book, Cognitive Radio Communications and Networks: Principle and Practice , Wyglynski, Nekovee, Hou, January 2010


Cognitive radio is being intensively researched as the enabling technology for secondary access to the so-called TV White Spaces (TVWS), large portions of spectrum in the UHF/VHF bands which become available on a geographical basis after digital switchover. Both in the US, and more recently, in the UK the regulators have given conditional endorsement to this new mode of access, and regulatory endorsement elsewhere is under debate.

This tutorial provides participants with a survey the state-of- the-art in technology (including spectrum sensing and detection, multi-user access and MAC), and coexistence and etiquette protocols) of cognitive access to TVWS. It examines regulation and standardisation of cognitive access to TVWS, the spectrum opportunity in the UK, US and elsewhere and the commercial use cases associated with this form of secondary access.