International Workshop on Satellite and Space Communications 2005 (IWSSC 2005)
8th - 9th September 2005, University of Siena - Via Banchi di Sotto, 55, Siena, Italy


Tutorial programme and schedule

September 8, 2005
Time Room Aula Magna Room Aula Magna Storica
9:00-10:30 Tutorial A1: "DVB-S2/RCS: Propagation and physical layer" @ Room Aula Magna

Part 1: " Fade mitigation techniques matched to the dynamic behaviour of the propagation channel for Ka-Q/V band DVB-S2/RCS systems", Dr. Laurent Castanet - Prof. Michel Bousquet

Part 2: " DVB-S2/RCS: surfing over long waveforms", Prof. Giovanni E. Corazza

Tutorial B1: "Transport layer and QoS issues over satellite", Prof. Mario Marchese @ Room Aula Magna Storica
11:00-12:30 Tutorial A2: "DVB-S2/RCS: Protocols and resource management", Dr. Axel Jahn @ Room Aula Magna Tutorial B2: "Propagation characteristics of satellite-to-mobile and satellite-to-indoor links", Prof. Istvan Frigyes @ Room Aula Magna Storica