1st International Symposium on Wireless Communication Systems
20 - 22 September 2004, MAURITIUS

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In order to publish your paper in the proceedings, we require the manuscript itself and a signed copyright form. The copyright form, available here, should be signed and either posted to Dr James Irvine, Strathclyde University, EEE, Royal College Building, 204 George St, Glasgow G1 1XW UK, or faxed to him at +44 141 552 4968.

We are pleased to annouce that ISWCS04 has been chosen to pilot a new IEEE tool, PDF eXpressTM, which will make it easier to ensure files submitted are IEEE XploreTM compatible. This will allow you to convert your Word, LaTeX, or range of other source files into IEEE XploreTM compatible files, or alternatively check your own pdf files for compatibility.

PDF eXpress has a number of advantages for conferences such as ours.

  • It provides a means for you to convert your files to PDF, without requiring you have access to a conversion program
  • This conversion is provided in an IEEE XploreTM compatible fashion, without you having to worry about conversion settings
  • The system emails the converted file back to you for you to check, so you can make sure that making your contribution IEEE XploreTM compatible has not caused any unintended corruption.
  • It ensures that your paper looks and prints as well as possible in IEEE XploreTM
  • By minimising the risk of post-processing problems, it reduces the amount of time it will take for your paper to appear on IEEE XploreTM
  • It greatly simplifies our task in conforming to IEEE submission requirements, reducing our workload, improving the quality of the printed proceedings and CD, and allows us to accept papers later.

To allow us to use the new system, the submission deadline has been put back to 20 July.

The submission process has changed to the following. Prepare your paper and submit your copyright form. Your paper must be prepared using the template as detailed below. The PDF eXpressTM site will open on 1 July. Go to this site, and enter 'iswcs04' as the conference ID. Click on the 'First Time User' option.

PDF eXpressTM offers two options. If you have generated your own PDF, it will check it for you and tell you if it is compatible, or if not, what the problem is. Alternatively, you can upload files in a wide range of source formats, and PDF eXpressTM will convert it to PDF for you. In either case, if there is a problem you can amend your file and upload again until the file is satisfactory. When you have done this, email your pdf file to iswcs04@ieeevtc.org before 20 July.

If you have already uploaded your paper to EDAS as previously intimated, please wait until 1 July 2004, check your file using PDF eXpressTM, and then email it to iswcs04@ieeevtc.org. If you have any problems with this, please email iswcs04@ieeevtc.org

Our apologies for this late change in the process, but we believe it will ensure the highest quality proceedings for ISWCS'04. Thank you for your co-operation.


IEEE compliance is also why it is important that you conform strictly to the submission guidelines. If your submission does not conform to the guidelines, it will be returned to you for amendment. If you are unable to update your paper in time to meet the publication deadline, it will not be published.

The page limit is 5 pages. Overlength page charge is £60 per page over 5. This charge must be paid with your registration. Do not fiddle with margins, font size, line spacing, etc to squeeze in more text. If your document comes in at over 5 pages when we convert it, you will have to pay the overlength page charge, or the last page will not be printed.

Margins should be as follows:


US Letter


Top margin

0.75 inch

19 mm

Bottom margin

1 inch

43 mm

Side margins

0.625 inch

13 mm

A template is provided here for Microsoft Word and here for LaTeX. For LaTeX, be sure to use the template's conference mode. See template documentation for details.

The preferred font is Times New Roman. Regular manuscript text should be 10-point type. Minimum point size for all text (including text in graphics and tables) is 4 points. The following fonts are also acceptable:

Arial MT

Courier, Bold Italic

Arial MT, Italic


Arial MT, Bold

Times New Roman PS MT

Arial MT, Bold Italic

Times New Roman PS MT, Italic


Times New Roman PS MT, Bold

Courier, Italic

Times New Roman PS MT, Bold Italic

Courier, Bold


Use only these fonts to provide a consistent look to all the papers in the proceedings. If you must use fonts other than those listed, they must be either PostScript or TrueType. Use of custom-made or hacked fonts is strictly prohibited.

Vector graphics are preferred for diagrams as they convert well to PDF. Take care that font sizes in diagrams do not go below 4 pt. Bitmapped images should be 300 dots per inch (dpi) at the size they appear in your paper. Images below this resolution will not render well in print; images above will be downsampled by us, but since doing this during PDF conversion does not produce the best results, you are advised to supply them at 300dpi. Do not use custom halftones (photographs) and pattern fills these can cause problems for PDF conversion. Also, do not select "Smooth Graphics". This option often produces extremely large files that will take a long time to display and print. The Smooth Graphics option is usually found in the Page Setup Dialog box in Macintosh applications and some Windows application.


Last updated: 1 July 2004