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Submission Guideline

Manuscript Submission for Review (Finished)

The conference is accepting submissions. Submissions must present unpublished research and not be currently under review by another journal or conference. Both extended abstracts and full papers are welcome. For extended abstracts, the length should not be longer than 2 pages, and for full papers, not more than 5 pages (in IEEE two-column format, 10pt). All submitted papers will be peer-reviewed for their quality, correctness, originality and relevance. Accepted papers will appear in the conference proceedings published by the IEEE and be included in IEEE Xplore digital library.

IEEE format style LaTeX and MS-Word templates for ISWCS'07 are available here: [LaTeX Template] [MS-Word Template].

Papers must be submitted electronically via ISWCS'07 at TrackChair.

Final Paper Submission Guidelines

The final camera-ready paper must be in PDF format. The paper length (for both oral presentation and poster presentation) should not be longer than 5 pages. (Over length charge will be applied to each extra page. See Registration page for detail.) The camera-ready paper submission process for ISWCS'07 involves several steps that both oral presentation and poster presentation papers must follow:

  • Prepare the camera-ready paper according to the required format. It is highly recommended to use the IEEE format style LaTex and MS-Word templates available here: [LaTeX Template] [MS-Word Template].
  • Convert it to an IEEE Xplore compatible file using IEEE PDF eXpress: The conference ID for using it is: iswcs07. (For details about IEEE Xplore compatible PDF format, one may find from: PDF Specification for IEEE Xplore.)
  • Register to the conference.
  • Upload the IEEE Xplore compatible paper to TrackChair where you submitted for review a few months ago. (Notice: Failure to provide the PDF file compatible with IEEE Xplore may result in your paper not being included in IEEE Xplore.)
  • Fill in and submit your copyright form.

You must complete all the above steps prior to the deadline of 9 August 2007. Failure to do so may result in your paper being withdrawn from the conference or not being included in IEEE Xplore.

The following are the detailed instructions on these steps.


It is important that you conform strictly to the paper format to ensure compliance with the IEEE guidelines and speedy publication of your paper on IEEE Xplore. If your submission does not conform to the guidelines, or if you are unable to update your paper in time to meet the publication deadline, it will not be published or not be included in IEEE Xplore..

Templates are provided here for Microsoft Word and here for LaTeX. These templates were generated for the conference from IEEE templates that may can be found here.

The maximum allowed page length for (both oral presentation and poster presentation) camera-ready paper is 5. (Extra pages may be added but this is subject to an over length charge paid.)

You must use a page size corresponding to A4 which is 8.27 inch (210mm) wide and 11.69 inch (297mm) long. The margins must be set as follows:

  • Top margin: 0.75 inch (19 mm)
  • Bottom margin: 1.69 inch (43 mm)
  • Side margins: 0.56 inch (14.32 mm)

The paper must be in two column format with a space of 0.17 inch (4.22mm) between columns.

The preferred font is Times New Roman. Regular manuscript text should be 10-point type. Minimum point size for all text (including text in graphics and tables) is 4 points. The following fonts are also acceptable:

  • Arial MT
  • Courier, Bold Italic
  • Arial MT, Italic
  • Symbol
  • Arial MT, Bold
  • Times New Roman PS MT
  • Arial MT, Bold Italic
  • Times New Roman PS MT, Italic
  • Courier
  • Times New Roman PS MT, Bold
  • Courier, Italic
  • Times New Roman PS MT, Bold Italic
  • Courier, Bold
  • ZapfDingbats

Use only these fonts to provide a consistent look to all the papers in the proceedings. If you must use fonts other than those listed, they must be either PostScript or TrueType. Use of custom-made or hacked fonts is strictly prohibited.

Vector graphics are preferred for diagrams as they convert well to PDF. Take care that font sizes in diagrams do not go below 4 pt. Bitmapped images should be 300 dots per inch (dpi) at the size they appear in your paper. Images below this resolution will not render well in print; images above will be down-sampled, but since doing this during PDF conversion does not produce the best results, you are advised to supply them at 300dpi. Do not use custom halftones (photographs) and pattern fills - these can cause problems for PDF conversion. Also, do not select "Smooth Graphics". This option often produces extremely large files that will take a long time to display and print. The Smooth Graphics option is usually found in the Page Setup Dialog box in Macintosh applications and some Windows application.


The final camera-ready paper must be in PDF format. We will use an IEEE tool, IEEE PDF eXpress, to ensure submitted files are IEEE Xplore-compatible. This will allow you to convert your Word, LaTeX, or range of other source files into IEEE Xplore compatible PDF files. (This option is preferred.) Alternatively, you can use PDF eXpress to check your own PDF files for compatibility.

Once your manuscript is ready, please go to the following site, which is now open to ISWCS'07 authors, using "iswcs07" for the Conference ID:

Only after you have converted your file or have checked the compatibility of your PDF file using PDF eXpress, should then you upload the camera-ready paper to the TrackChair.


Please go to the Registration page to find more information about the registration and the Hotel Arrangement page for information about hotels and hotel booking.


The checked IEEE Xplore-compatible camera-ready paper should be submitted to ISWCS'07 at TrackChair. where the paper was initially submitted for review.

It is important that you have checked the IEEE Xplore-compatibility of your final paper. Failure to do so may result in your paper not included in IEEE Xplore!!!


The copyright form may be submitted electronically. The Electronic IEEE Copyright Form will be made available. Please come back to find the corresponding link.


All the above steps must be completed prior to the corresponding deadlines.

Failure to do so may result in your paper being withdrawn from the conference.