The Sixth International Symposium on Wireless Communication Systems 2009 (ISWCS??9)
Siena-Tuscany, University of Siena, Italy, September 7??0, 2009
Technical Co-Sponsorship by IEEE Communications Society
For information:

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Guidelines for final submission of accepted papers

Please carefully complete all the 5 steps below by July 4, 2009 to have your accepted paper included in the programme and proceedings of ISWCS 2009 for both oral and poster presentations (A0 portrait size). In both cases, the papers will appear in the proceedings.

Step 1: PAPER FORMATTING (by July 4, 2009)

VERY IMPORTANT: Authors have first to use the author kit (Latex or Word template with 2 columns, but the use of Latex is strongly recommened). Please do NOT number the pages. Also for authors using standard IEEE templates, PLEASE consider to copy everything in the conference template. Subtitles in the papers are not allowed. Papers not formatted with such a template wii not be published. The maximum length of a final paper is 5 pages, in the standard IEEE two-column format. No paper length extension will be allowed.

Before final submission by sending an email to Casual Productions (as stated at point #4 below), papers need to be checked by PDF eXpress. See the description at the end of this page.


Step 2: REGISTRATION (by July 4, 2009)

Authors must register to and pay for the conference before July 4, 2009. When you register you have to provide the EDAS code(s) of your accepted paper(s). In registering you will be also able to select for free the tutorials that are described at the following link.


Step 3: E-COPYRIGHT (by July 4, 2009)

In order to publish your paper in the proceedings, we require the e-copyright form submitted via EDAS on your paper page. Click on the © sign to go to the e-copyright submission page at IEEE and related instructions. Before submitting the e-copyright, please update on EDAS the name and affiliation of every paper author as well as the paper title (as it appears on the final version of the paper); the conference program and IEEE Xplore entry will depend on the EDAS entry at the time of copyright submission.


Step 4: PDF GENERATION (by July 4, 2009)
(please do not submit the final paper version under EDAS)

All conference papers submitted must adhere to the IEEE Xplore PDF specification by using IEEE PDF eXpress. This tool allows authors to convert their papers to IEEE Xplore-compatible PDFs (from Latex or Word formats), or to check author-created PDFs for compatibility with IEEE Xplore (Suggestion: better to use always PDF eXpress to generate the PDF not simply to check the author-created PDF version). Note that authors have to upload their papers on PDF eXpress by using a new account for ISWCS 2009 (code "iswcs09x") for PDF conversion or validation. PDF eXpress instructions are at the end of this page.


Step 5: FINAL SUBMISSION (by July 4, 2009)


Submit your file by Email (most prefered), FTP, or post as described below.

(message size less than 20MB, otherwise use FTP)

subject: ISWCS 2009 file #nnn (replace nnn with your paper EDAS ID number)

Include your file as an attachment to your email.

Before emailing, please compress the file(s) using
or STUFFIT (Mac)

Your email will be acknowledged within 1-2 business days of receipt by Causal Production.


Use Microsoft Internet Explorer and point it to : (NOTE SPELLING of CAUSAL)

username: client_uploads
password: client_uploads1235
upload to directory: ISWCS2009

Before uploading, please compress your file(s) using
any of the tools listed under EMAIL above.
After uploading, please send an email to

subject: ISWCS 2009 file #nnn on FTP site (replace nnn with your paper
EDAS ID number)

stating the name of the uploaded file, the conference name, and
the paper ID number, if known.

Your email will be acknowledged within 1-2 business days of receipt.

(send CDR or floppy disc. Do not send hardcopies of manuscripts)

SA 5045

Include the EDAS code of the paper

Include an email address if you require acknowledgement that the file
has been received.


Instructions to process your paper with PDF eXpress

Please note that the procedure below to generate the PDF file for your paper is mandatory. Failing to follow it will cause your paper not being included in the program.

  1. Create your manuscript(s).
    1. Proofread and check the layout of your manuscript (preferential use of Latex and the related author kit template).
    2. It is recommended to do this before uploading the paper to IEEE PDF eXpress.

  2. Access the IEEE PDF eXpress site:
    1. For First-time users: Click "New Users - Click Here". Enter "iswcs09x" for the Conference ID, your e-mail address, and choose a password. Continue to enter information as prompted. You will receive online and email confirmation of successful account setup.
    2. Returning users: Enter "iswcs09x" for the Conference ID, e-mail address and password.

  3. For each conference paper, click "Create New Title".

  4. Enter identifying text for the paper (title is recommended but not required).

  5. Click "Submit File for Checking or Converting".

  6. Some time may be required, but you will receive an email confirmation of successful upload.

  7. You will receive an email with your IEEE PDF eXpress-converted PDF or Checked PDF attached. The email will show if your file passed or failed.
    1. If the PDF submitted passed the PDF Check, and you are satisfied with your IEEE PDF eXpress-converted PDF, you have just to submit the approved PDF version paper to Causal Productions according to the procedure at previous points.
    2. If the PDF submitted fails the PDF check or you are not satisfied with the IEEE PDF eXpress-converted PDF: You can amend your file and upload again until the file is satisfactory (click ??ry again??button). Contact the technical staff through the email list in the website ( if submission problems persist.

Note that if the PDF check has failed, you will receive a report describing exactly the problem encountered (important: external links and cross-references should not be used; Acrobat version should be greater than (or equal to) 5.0; all used fonts have to be embedded to the file).

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IEEE PDF eXpress converts the following file types to PDF: Latex and Microsoft Word. For Latex source file PDF conversion, please submit the *.tex files and all support files (e.g., *.eps files) with the final manuscript in a folder. Put this folder in a compressed archive and submit the file to PDF eXpress for approval

The email addresses of the Publication Chair, Mr. Paolo Chini, is (please CC to:


July 4, 2009 is the final deadline for

  1. Registering to the conference;
  2. Submiting the e-copyright via EDAS (after updating authors' list and paper title);
  3. Submitting the paper.